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The 8 Most Popular Ways to Drink Vivazen

The 8 Most Popular Ways to Drink Vivazen

Vivazen™ is dedicated to empowering people to reclaim relief through the natural properties of plants. Our proprietary herbal blend is an alchemy of extracts historically used in traditional medicine around the world. Some of our plant-based ingredients include Kratom, willow bark, valerian root, California poppy, and passion flower.

Research supports the synergy of these components and may provide the following benefits:

  • Helps to alleviate minor aches and pain
  • Increases alertness
  • Restores energy
  • Enhances physical endurance to reduce overall stress

Vivazen™ Original is an all natural plant-based liquid shot that comes in 2-ounce bottles and can be sipped directly from the bottle or mixed with different flavors and drink combinations to create tasty drinks without losing the benefits that come from Vivazen™. Most of our customers drink Vivazen™ Original directly from the bottle, but we also know it’s fun to mix it up sometimes!

Here are 8 of the most popular ways that people are mixing Vivazen™. Each of these drinks come with their own benefits and finding a recipe you love is the key to embracing the relief that Vivazen™ brings and integrating into your everyday life.


Vivazen™ in Iced Tea

Vivazen in Iced Tea

Tea is one of the best drinks you can combine Vivazen™ with. The natural flavors and aromas provided by various types of tea pair incredibly well with Vivazen’s plant-based ingredients. Iced teas are particularly useful for making Vivazen-infused teas ahead of time to store in the fridge throughout the week. Iced Vivazen-infused tea is an easy-to-follow recipe that, as mentioned, can be made in large quantities to drink over the course of a week. (Note: you can also grab a pre-made ice-tea and pour with Vivazen™ over ice for a quick refreshing drink.)

What You Will Need

Iced tea is left to steep for a long period, meaning even just one tea bag will produce a fairly strong flavor. It’s recommended to brew iced tea in larger quantities – a pitcher’s worth at minimum.

For a pitcher of iced Vivazen™ tea, you will need:

  • 6 bags of your chosen tea (for single cups, the rule of thumb is to use two teaspoons of tea leaves per cup of tea)
  • 6 cups of water per bag of tea
  • 3 bottles of Vivazen™ Original (there 2 servings of Vivazen™ in every bottle of Vivazen™ Original) – because this recipe can produce a larger quantity of liquid, more Vivazen™ can be added based on serving size as desired
  • Ice to be used for serving
  • Natural sweeteners, such as honey (optional)

How to Prepare

  • Add the tea bags and cold filtered water to a pitcher
  • Cover the pitcher
  • Leave to steep in the fridge overnight, or between 6 – 12 hours
  • Once steeped, remove tea bags and serve over ice
  • Add ½ bottle of Vivazen™ per cup of iced tea right before drinking.
  • Stir and enjoy


Vivazen™ in Hot Tea

Vivazen in Hot Tea

Vivazen™ can be paired with hot tea as easily as iced tea thanks to its natural flavors. Hot tea is actually quicker to prepare than iced tea, as it only requires a few minutes of steeping time versus the several hours needed to steep iced tea.

The heat of the tea may bring out a bit more of the bitterness in the Vivazen™, so it may be preferable to add sweeteners or other liquids – such as milk – that can help to offset that bitterness.

What You Will Need

  • 1–2 bags of your chosen tea per serving
  • 6 to 8 ounces of near-boiling water
  • ½ bottle of Vivazen™ Original
  • Natural sweeteners, such as honey (optional)
  • Milk or other dairy-like liquids (optional)

How to Prepare

  • Boil water
  • Place tea bag(s) of your choice in a cup
  • Pour hot water over the tea bags
  • Leave to steep for 2–3 minutes
  • Add 1/2 bottle Vivazen™ Original
  • Stir and enjoy


Cranberry Soda with Vivazen™

Cranberry Soda with Vivazen

Cranberry soda is a staple in the cocktail and mocktail industry that is made by adding club soda to cranberry juice and is best served over ice. Although cranberry juice also has its own distinct bitterness, it pairs well with the flavors of Vivazen™.

The fizziness of the club soda gives the drink a special flare that makes it a refreshing drink to enjoy on a hot day.

What You Will Need

  • Roughly one cup of cranberry juice
  • A splash of club soda – add more to your liking
  • 1/2 bottle of Vivazen™ Original
  • Ice for serving
  • Garnishes such as lime and mint (optional)

How to Prepare

  • Add ice to a glass of your choosing
  • Pour the cranberry juice and Vivazen™ over the ice and stir
  • Add the club soda to the top
  • Garnish with lime or mint (optional)


Vivazen™ and Orange Juice

Vivazen and Orange Juice

Vivazen™ pairs really well with any citrus flavors – especially oranges. This is because the natural tangyness of the citrus does an excellent job of mixing with the bitter undertones in some of the plant-based ingredients, all while providing a sweet sensation from an orange’s natural sugars.

Vivazen™ and orange juice is one of the simplest drinks to prepare on this list, although you can spice it up by hand squeezing your own juice!

What You Will Need

  • 8 ounces of orange juice, or roughly one cup
  • ½ bottle of Vivazen™ Original
  • Ice (optional)

How to Prepare

  • If you are squeezing your own juice, start by juicing your oranges (3 – 4 oranges = one cup of juice)
  • Add the Vivazen™ and stir
  • If you prefer colder drinks, serve this mixture over ice


Hot Chocolate with Vivazen™

Hot Chocolate with Vivazen

This is a holiday favorite or a great way to warm up a cold day! Hot chocolate and other drinks containing the sweet treat are known for combining well with other more bitter drinks, such as coffee. The same is true for Vivazen™ – the sweetness and richness of the hot chocolate does a good job of complimenting the natural and earthy undertones of Vivazen™.

There is a lot of variety when it comes to making hot chocolate, so this drink is one where you can really get creative. Plus, it can make a great addition to your holiday menus as well.

What You Will Need

  • One packet of hot chocolate mix
  • 8 ounces or roughly one cup of a base liquid – generally water or milk
  • ½ bottle of Vivazen™ Original
  • Optional toppings, such as whipped cream, marshmallows, or peppermint

How to Prepare

  • Although the microwave may be tempting, the best way to make hot chocolate is over the stove over medium heat
  • Add water or milk to the pan – do not bring to a boil, you just want to see a few bubbles appearing
  • Slowly add your hot chocolate mix and whisk it together
  • Add Vivazen™ to a mug and serve the hot chocolate over top – stir to combine
  • Top with any additional ingredients


Vivazen™ Lemonade

Vivazen Lemonade

Vivazen™ pairs really well with lemonade, a citrus-based drink known for its tart sweetness. That tartness compliments the bitter notes of the Vivazen™ while also stimulating the senses of the drinker.

This is another drink where you can choose to purchase pre-made lemonade or make the lemonade yourself by squeezing lemons and adding simple syrup and water. To make simple syrup, simply combine equal parts sugar to hot water and mix until fully dissolved.

What You Will Need

  • 8 ounces of lemonade (store-bought or homemade)
  • ½ bottle of Vivazen™ Original
  • Ice for serving
  • Garnishes such as lemon wheels or mint sprigs

How to Prepare

  • Add ice to a glass
  • Pour lemonade and Vivazen™ over ice
  • Stir thoroughly
  • Garnish with or mix in additional ingredients


Vivazen-Infused Coffees

Vivazen Infused Coffees

Although coffee has its own substantial bitterness, that does not mean it cannot be paired with other liquids with bitter notes. Plus, milk or milk-based alternatives are a very popular ingredient to add to coffee and help balance out the bitterness of both coffee and Vivazen™.

Vivazen™ mixes in well with coffee and can provide enhanced support to your overall mood and outlook for the day. This makes it a great drink for getting a good start to your mornings or for giving you a mid-day boost.

What You Will Need

  • 8 ounces of coffee
  • ½ bottle of Vivazen™ Original
  • Milk, milk alternative, or creamer (optional)
  • Sugar or artificial sweetener (optional)

How to Prepare

  • Make your cup of coffee in your desired fashion. This recipe calls for drip coffee, but preparing with a French press or pour-over will work as well
  • Mix in the Vivazen™
  • Add milk and sweeteners as desired


Vivazen™ Juice Spritz

Vivazen Juice Spritz

We know that Vivazen™ pairs well with citrus-based juices, so let’s take it to the next level and make a delightful Vivazen™ Juice Spritz! This is a great opportunity to really get creative with your ingredients and make a show-stopping Vivazen-infused drink that you can easily make and enjoy.

The main ingredients of a juice spritz are the juice of your choice and club soda, but there are tons of ways to spruce this recipe up.

What You Will Need

  • Juice – you can use 8 ounces of one type of juice, or pair together flavors such as orange and mango
  • Club soda – because this is a spritz, you will want a little more than a splash – around 2 ounces is usually a good amount
  • ½ bottle of Vivazen™ Original Fruits to muddle, such as oranges, strawberries, and lemons
  • Simple syrup
  • Garnishes such as mint springs
  • Ice for serving

How to Prepare

  • Muddle fruit using a small amount of simple syrup in the glass Add ice over the muddled fruit
  • Pour juice of your choice and Vivazen™ over ice
  • Stir together well
  • Top it off with a good amount of club soda for that spritzy finish Garnish as you see fit

Vivazen™ has many benefits that can add value to your daily life. Whether you are sipping directly from the bottle, or prefer to mix it up with tea or juice, we know that Vivazen™ will help rejuvenate your day! Try one (or all) of them out today, and let us know which ones are your favorites.

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