Can Vivazen Boost My Focus and Energy?

can vivazen boost my focus and energy

Staring at a computer screen for hours on end is mind numbing, especially if you’re employed in the realm of tech. Whether you’re a computer programmer, game designer, digital marketer, database administrator or employed in any other position in the technology field, maintaining your focus and energy is always a challenge. 

When you hit your afternoon slump and find that your next energy drink or eighteenth cup of coffee isn’t giving you the edge you need, there’s a few reasons why you should consider trying something new. But have you ever wondered why simply typing on your computer all day leaves you completely exhausted in the first place? How can simply moving your fingers make you feel so tired?

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Why is my desk job so exhausting?

Scientists have been debating this mystery for many years. There are two main schools of thought, neither of which fully explain why your tech job makes you so tired.

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Ego Depletion

Some scientists believe that each of us has a finite amount of mental energy, which can also be known as self-control or willpower. When our mental energy is depleted, we become tired. When we’re tired we lose focus, our minds wander, and we become significantly less productive. This is usually about the time that many people find themselves reaching for another cup of coffee or a Monster drink, only to realize that neither option helps.

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Motivation Depletion

Other scientists simply believe that every individual has a limited amount of motivation to achieve a particular task. While working on our computers we also have a lot of possible distractions with multiple open browser tabs, social media scrolling, email, and more. It can be very easy for you to fall down a rabbit hole and lack the focus for you to stay on task. 

The harder you try to focus the more you may find yourself distracted so reach for that cup o’ joe to get yourself back on track, only to end up disappointed and frustrated. 

Unfortunately, both of these explanations are merely unproven hypotheses, which makes understanding how mental fatigue is connected to physical fatigue difficult. It also makes treating this condition even more difficult, so let’s explore the two solutions most often used (coffee and energy drinks) and why they often fall short.

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Why Coffee Isn’t Cutting It

Believe it or not, there IS such a thing as too much coffee. 

After drinking coffee for an extensive period of time, many people get a high tolerance for caffeine. If you find that you’re drinking five or six cups of coffee and not getting the energy boost you’d expect, drinking even more coffee usually doesn’t make a difference. 

Your DNA may also play a role in how you process caffeine. There are two genes that can cause you to have a tolerance for caffeine, both of which are also connected to your blood sugar and cholesterol. 

Many workers in the tech sector have found VIVAZEN™ to be the perfect alternative to coffee. One of the main ingredients in VIVAZEN™ is Kratom, which is 100% natural and made from plants native to Southeast Asia. VIVAZEN™ is an all-natural drink that is fast-acting and has helped thousands of people to regain their focus. You can find out more about how VIVAZEN™ is a great alternative to coffee here

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Why Energy Drinks Aren’t Cutting It

If you rely on energy drinks to give you the energy you need, you’ve likely found that their effects sometimes fall flat. One of the long-term side effects of many popular energy drinks is fatigue … so having even more energy drinks is counterproductive. 

Energy drinks also contain caffeine just like coffee and your body can become tolerant to energy drinks depending on a variety of factors including your metabolism, your intake, and your DNA.

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VIVAZEN Gets the Job Done

VIVAZEN has become the go-to energy and focus booster for thousands of people in tech, including Steve T., a software engineer from San Francisco, CA. 

“I would normally start my day with at least two cups of coffee before I even get through all my morning emails. Then there’s online meetings for project review and I find that I’m already feeling run down before I even start my daily programming. Even the slightest interruption or issue would send me spiraling down a path of distractions that no amount of coffee could fix.

Instead of just drinking entire pots of coffee, I decided to try adding some VIVAZEN™ to my first cup of the day and the difference it made was unbelievable. I was able to concentrate on getting through all my pre-programming tasks and by the time I was ready to code I was sharp and felt like I could do anything.”

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the takeaway

Instead of relying on coffee and energy drinks like Red Bull, try a healthy, caffeine-free alternative like VIVAZEN™ to give you the energy and focus you need to get the job done. 

4 Amazing Ways Kratom Has Been Used to Help People

ways kratom has been used to help people

As an extremely popular, all-natural supplement, Kratom has become the ideal option for anyone from everyday people to professional athletes. Offering a wide variety of benefits, experts have come to recommend Kratom for a variety of ailments and conditions, thanks to its beneficial properties.

But what exactly is Kratom, and why has it become so popular?

Kratom (Mitragyna speciosa) is a tropical tree from the coffee family native to Southeast Asia. People from this region have used Kratom for a variety of health issues such as managing aches and pains from physical activity and energy-boosting, relieving anxiety and stress, and also for its mild sedating properties.

Kratom leaves contain numerous compounds, with most active being mitragynine. Available in several forms like capsules and teas, Kratom is also one of the active ingredients in VIVAZEN™ and provides relief for people from all walks of life, including many of our satisfied customers!

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Boosted Energy for Alexis

Alexis, a 38-year-old from Topeka, Kansas, has been taking VIVAZEN for nearly two years to help her manage her incredibly busy work and home life:

“As a busy mother of four and a full-time executive, my work-life balance has been a huge challenge, to say the least. From running the kids to basketball practices, ballet classes, piano lessons, and play dates to managing a team of 40 and taking charge in the boardroom, I used to have little to no time to take care of myself, and when I did have time, I didn’t have the energy. I would literally collapse in my bed at night, only to be up tossing and turning thinking of all the things that needed to be done the next day. That’s until I found VIVAZEN.

VIVAZEN literally changed my life. By taking it during times I felt my energy was low, it gave me the extra boost I needed to get the things done that needed to be done more efficiently and effectively. I started feeling more accomplished and found I had more time to create some healthy habits for myself, like a daily yoga routine. My sleep improved which helped me to even feel better. Taking VIVAZEN started a chain reaction of positivity that helps me to have the calm energy I need for my job, my family, and most importantly, for myself.”

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Enhanced Focus for Robin

Robin, a 26-year-old law student from New Haven, Connecticut, takes VIVAZEN™ to beat the burnout and mental fatigue of law school. 

“I knew law school was going to be the biggest challenge of my life, but what I didn’t know was how hard it would be to stay focused. Keeping concentration levels on maximum while reading incredibly dense text was nearly impossible after the first few weeks. I started getting headaches, sleeping 15+ hours on the weekends, and generally felt like my future was slipping away. I couldn’t understand how other classmates were handling the workload until one of my roommates suggested VIVAZEN™. 

After I tried VIVAZEN™ I was able to focus on the difficult material, retain everything and perform on exams to the best of my ability. It was like the clouds lifted and I was able to really concentrate better than ever before. I’m so happy I found it and recommend it to anyone who needs to buckle down and beat mental fatigue.”

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Pain Relief for Phil

Phil, a 44 year old construction worker from Philadelphia found the pain relief he needed to work hard  and play harder. 

“After years of growing up playing football and moving on to a job as a ceiling installation technician, my knees are both completely shot. I have no cartilage left and the doctor has said I’m too young for knee replacements. They’ve tried steroid injections multiple times and it only alleviates the pain for a day or two before it comes back just as bad as before. I climb scaffolds to do work and a lot of the buildings I work in require us to use the stairs only (no elevators!) which makes it even harder for me.

I would come home at night, sit on the couch and not get up again until it was time to go to bed because of the constant aching. I couldn’t even play with my own kids. Then I heard about VIVAZEN™ and figured that I’ve tried everything else so I might as well give it a chance. I couldn’t believe it when my knee pain became hardly even noticeable. I could climb the stairs at work without pain and come home and toss the ball around with my kids at night. VIVAZEN™ changed my life.”

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Optimized Recovery Time for Anthony

Anthony, a 28 year old MMA fighter from San Jose, California upped his performance and ability. 

“Training to exhaustion can often do a lot more than just wear me out physically, especially when I don’t feel like I accomplished what I know I’m capable of. I start getting down on myself and doubting my own abilities. It makes me push harder, and sometimes I push harder than I probably should, which obviously leads to me hurting myself. Then I feel awful about myself, especially while I’m waiting to heal. It was a vicious cycle that had to stop, but I didn’t know how until I found VIVAZEN. 

VIVAZEN helped to make my workout recovery times faster, so I could push harder and be ready for more sooner. It helped me to stay healthy both mentally and physically so I could get to the peak physical performance level I’m at today.” 

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the takeaway

VIVAZEN™ has had significant benefits for so many people who want to live their lives on their terms and accomplish everything to the best of their abilities. Combining the most powerful plant ingredients in a convenient liquid shot that you can take with you anywhere you go, it is extremely portable and a great solution to help you crush your goals and improve your quality of life.

The 6 Best Plants to Promote Relaxation (and how to use them)

Six Best Plants to Promote Relaxation

In today’s world, stress affects all of us. Your health and quality of life greatly diminish when high levels of stress are left unmanaged. Luckily, we’ve compiled a list of the 6 best plants that promote relaxation.

According to a recent survey, 48 percent of Americans report that their stress levels have increased in the past five years and this negatively impacts their relationships, health, and productivity at work.(1)

Stress is an inevitable part of the day, but it’s not all doom and gloom. This just means it’s crucial to have effective natural remedies to turn to that promote mind and body relaxation during times of chaos.

When you’re stressed, it’s easy to turn to unhealthy coping mechanisms, such as alcohol, smoking, or overeating. The problem with these unhealthy coping mechanisms is that they don’t directly deal with your stress. They only serve as a means to temporarily escape.

Usually, unhealthy coping mechanisms also add an extra layer of stress. It can be hard to think long-term in a moment when you just need some relief. This is where herbal remedies like kava and liquid kratom come in.

Many plant ingredients contain potent compounds that are scientifically proven to support the nervous system, reduce anxiety levels, help your mind and body better adapt to stressful situations, and promote an overall sense of feeling calm, grounded, and relaxed (even when you encounter chaos).

If you want to feel like yourself again, the right herbs and botanicals may be all you need. You can consider adding these options to your routine to help reduce the negative effects of everyday stress. Here are the 6 best plants to promote relaxation:

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Kava Kava

Pacific islanders have used this herbal remedy to promote relaxation for hundreds of years. Kava kava (usually shortened to ‘kava’) is prized for its roots, which are typically dried and crushed into a fine powder.

Kava’s stress-relieving benefits come from compounds called kavapyrones. These compounds produce a mild sedative effect that can help you feel calm and relaxed. Some people also report mild ache and pain-relief. You can dissolve kava powder in hot water and drink it like tea to enjoy stress relief. Since kava promotes an overall sense of “chill”, it’s recommended as a top herbal alcohol alternative for social gatherings and parties.

While the plant is considered safe to consume, it is something to be used in moderation. Experts recommend limiting your daily intake of kavalactones to 250mg. If you take kava as a supplement, the kavalactone content will be listed on the packaging.

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Liquid Kratom

A relative of the coffee family, kratom trees are native to South Asia. They have long been used within the region to treat chronic pain.

You can take kratom in many forms, from powders, to capsules, to liquid kratom. Kratom is one of the active ingredients in VIVAZEN™, which was formulated with those in mind who are seeking plants that promote relaxation, in a liquid kratom form. As well as relaxation, liquid kratom also is known to relieve minor aches and pains due to physical activity.

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Think beyond bedtime tea because chamomile can do a great job soothing you at any time of day. Research shows this pretty white flower works as a mild tranquilizer to relax your muscles, reduce anxiety, and calm your nerves. As an added benefit, it can even improve digestion and prevent headaches, which are two common symptoms of excess stress.

Chamomile owes its effectiveness to an antioxidant called apigenin. This compound binds to receptors in your brain to calm it down and help you fall asleep. Studies suggest chamomile extract improves sleep better than placebos, and it may be as effective as prescription medications for many people. If you need a mental break, consider a cup of chamomile to decompress.

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Considered by some to be “the Queen of Herbs,” tulsi is a member of the mint family and a powerful antioxidant. It’s been used in Ayurvedic medicine for thousands of years to relieve stress and promote relaxation. 

You can take tulsi as a tea or in tablet form. If you love this herb’s spicy taste, don’t hesitate to bring it into the kitchen! You can add its fresh leaves to salads, desserts, and even make homemade tulsi-infused syrups.

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Lemon Balm

This citrus-scented herb comes from the mint family (ironically, not the lemon family) and can be found worldwide. You can help improve your mood and cognitive function while soothing stress symptoms with lemon balm. 

One 2004 study found that the plant increased a sense of calmness in participants while reducing negative moods. It even seems effective at relieving anxiety when taken in other ways, such as blended into beverages or yogurt.

Consider drinking lemon balm tea or regularly taking lemon balm as a nutritional supplement for all-around stress support.

Plant-Based Relief


Valerian Root

Long used as a natural anxiety and insomnia treatment, valerian root can trigger feelings of tranquility quickly. In fact, this herbal remedy was commonly used throughout England during WWII to soothe nerves frayed from frequent air raids. 

Valerian root remains a popular sleep aid today. Some people even refer to it as “nature’s Xanax”. Research shows Valerian root can decrease the time it takes you to fall asleep. You can also improve your overall sleep quality without lingering drowsiness or that “hangover” feeling you might experience with medications. You can take this root as a liquid tincture or capsule, and it’s often found in “sleepy time” herbal tea blends sold at health food stores.

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the takeaway

We all experience stress at some point or another and in today’s world, our stress levels only seem to be climbing higher. Unfortunately, chronic stress can be detrimental to your relationships, success, motivation, and rob you of your zest for life.

This is why it’s crucial to arm yourself with natural remedies that help your body adapt to stress better, support your nervous system, and help you feel more clear, uplifted, calm, and focused during these times. Research suggests kava, kratom, chamomile, tulsi, lemon balm, and valerian root are the 6 best plants to promote relaxation that you can add to your routine as natural, daily defenses to help you better manage and reduce the negative consequences of stress.

5 Simple Ways to Better Health in 2021

We’re starting the new year off on the right foot with five  simple ways to have better health in 2021. Setting New Year’s resolutions doesn’t work for everyone — especially when the goals are so big it’s hard to get started!

Here are five small things to focus on to help take care of your overall health and wellbeing. By implementing even just one of these five simple activities in your day-to-day routine, you can achieve better health in 2021, boost your mood, and know that you’ve already set yourself up for success!


Find Time For You

BJJ Supplement

Finding some time for yourself sounds simple, but most people actually neglect focusing on themselves even for a couple of minutes a day. Try to find 15 minutes for yourself every day just for you. You’re an awesome person, so find time for you!

It’s very easy to get caught up in the continuous cycle of work, spending time with family, sleep and then repeat. After doing that for a while, your body and mind are very likely to demand you pay attention to their needs.

Everybody has their own way to reconnect with themselves, so start by asking yourself, “What do I really love?” and practice that activity for 15 minutes every day. This could be anything from meditation to playing an instrument. You can also spend that time reading or taking a walk — the idea is to do something that you enjoy doing by yourself and just do it for the sake of it.

This is an easy way to prioritize your mental health even where life is super busy and doesn’t require too much of a time commitment. It’s a good idea to start practicing your 15 minutes a day activity in the morning to boost your mood and get a sense of accomplishment that will remain with you for the rest of the day.


Plan Your Week

plan your week

When you lead a busy life, weeks seem to fly by quickly and you may often ask yourself, “Where did the time go?” To live your life to the fullest and have enough time to focus on better health in 2021, it’s essential to get organized.

Planning out your week in advance so you know what your priorities are and make progress on your own goals is one of the easiest ways to get on track with your health goals. 

Start with healthy meal prep for the week so you can be sure you don’t go off the rails and start eating random meals just because you didn’t have the time to shop and cook a proper nutritious lunch or dinner. 

Meal prepping saves time and money because prepping components or entire meals ahead means spending less time and money than cooking every day. 

It will also reduce your stress levels because it’s one less thing for you to worry about all week. And let’s not forget that meal prepping takes willpower out of the equation, which means that you are bound to eat healthier.

The good news is that meal prepping doesn’t have the be complicated, as you can simply pick three dinners and one breakfast to duplicate and make variations of that will last you for the entire week. Focus on healthy and delicious meals that use lots of fresh vegetables and you will be on track for a healthier 2021.


Get Outdoors

Spending time in the outdoors is a fantastic way to boost your mental health. If you don’t have time, even a few minutes a day can make a difference. Sometimes just walking around the block and breathing in the fresh air is enough to clear your head.

Try a gentle walk surrounded by nature and you will soon discover how this puts things into perspective and makes you feel good instantly. You can also pair the habit of spending a bit of time in nature every day with your new habit of finding time for yourself.

Besides boosting your mental health, spending time outdoors is also key for getting your dose of vitamin D every day, which is vital for your health. With one in five people having low vitamin D levels, it’s important to focus on getting outside in the sunlight to get an instant boost. 

If you don’t like to get out of the house by yourself, you can always call a friend, a neighbor, or ask your partner to buddy up and try a new active routine.


Add the natural benefits of plant-based remedies to your routine

Plant-based remedies and nutrition are essential for boosting your health so make sure you incorporate them into your 2021 routine. That’s exactly why Vivazen™ Original was formulated with a unique blend of all-natural plant-based ingredients. By incorporating Vivazen™ into your daily routine you can benefit from the positive effects of plant-based ingredients and achieve a sense of relaxation, relief, and happiness the natural way.

The Vivazen™ kratom shot is designed to work fast and provide feel-good relief and relaxation within 20-60 minutes of drinking it. It’s a great alternative to coffee, soda, or other beverages people drink as a pick-me-up and is formulated to help with rejuvenation, mental focus, and energy. Vivazen™ is also an excellent option after a long day or as part of your post-workout routine because it provides minor pain relief and allows you to enjoy the rest of your day with an improved state of mind.


focus on the positive

focus on positive thinking

Finally, don’t forget to focus on the positive things in your life. This can be as simple as trying to remind yourself of three things that you are grateful for every day. Doing this every day only takes a moment and is an easy way to boost your mood.

Identifying a few positive things each day will help you change your mindset and move from the negative to the positive in as little as 30 days. Building up a list of all the small things that you appreciate will help when negative thoughts creep into your head. Try to hold onto something positive whenever you’re feeling down, whether its memories of your family and friends, a moment in nature, your faith, something nice someone said to you, or whatever sparks joy in your life.

These five simple things can make a big impact on your peace of mind and overall health no matter was 2021 brings with it. Embrace positivity and focus on yourself as much as possible to make 2021 a great year without struggling to keep up with radical resolutions. Sometimes it’s the simple things in life that bring the most joy!