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Vivazen® is the PREMIUM CBD Shot.

With over 50mg of Hemp CBD in every bottle, the Vivezen CBD shot has more then 2X as much CBD is it’s leading competitor.

The Vivazen CBD Shot is the best value for your CBD dollar. 

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50mg Hemp CBD Per Shot

The average CBD shot has around 20 mg of CBD. The Vivazen CBD shot, based on lab testing, has over 50mg of Hemp CBD per shot.


Using nanotechnology, the Vivazen CBD shot has the maximum amount of bio-availability. This means that 50mg feels like 150mg.

Full Spectrum

Full-Spectrum has been proven to be more effective with a lower dosage than CBD-isolate.

On The Go, Share With Friends

WIth the most available CBD in a convenient 'on the go' bottle, Vivazen CBD can be shared after your next workout or meetup.

Feel Good Relief.

The Difference is in Every Bottle. VIVAZEN® CBD Shot contains 50mg of Hemp CBD, which is double the strength of most products on the market. Using Nanotechnology, VIVAZEN® CBD is one of the highest bio-available products on the market due to our hemp oil’s small particle size. VIVAZEN® CBD is traceable from Seed to Sale.

– Shake well before use

– Consume one bottle at once for best results

– Do not exceed 2 bottles in a 24 hour period