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Wholesale Claim Form

– Always accept your delivery! Never return the goods to the driver. If goods are returned to driver, this could affect the processing time of the claim and potentially delay the replacement order.

– All claims must be submitted within 7 days of receiving shipment.

– Sign the proof of delivery with a ‘damaged on received’ note – very important.

– Document everything that has happened and the condition of the order received.

– Take pictures of the actual packaging and the products – this will help you to complete the claim submission and help us to process the claim in the most efficient and effective way.

– Keep all documents all documents received with the package. This can be used when submitting your claim.

– Complete the Vivazen Claim Submission Form at your earliest convenience – the sooner the better. Try to be clear and detailed as possible. Lack / missing of sufficient information can delay a claim.

– Hang tight while we investigate the claim – we will provide feedback / keep you in the loop.

Complete the below form to start the claim process.