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VIVAZEN Fast Acting

Multi Purpose

Feel Good Relief

Nature’s wisdom brought to lift your spirits, bring you balance, and activate that special kind of energy that helps you live your best life.

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How VIVAZEN® is helping people

Kratom Shots

Since 2010 VIVAZEN kratom shots have brought the power of plants and Feel Good Relief to people around the world. VIVAZEN products can be found in over 10,000 stores across the US.

VIVAZEN Starter Kit
Concentrate Extracts

Concentrate Extracts

Using only the highest quality ingredients and our proprietary extraction process, our Concentrate Extracts provide the most powerful kratom experience. For experienced VIVAZEN customers only.

VIVAZEN Favorites
#1 Selling Kratom Shot
VIVAZEN Authentic Original

Authentic Original

VIVAZEN Extra Strength

2X Extra Strength

VIVAZEN Womens Health

Womens Health

VIVAZEN Concentrate Extract 80

Concentrate with 80mg MIT

VIVAZEN Ultimate Kratom Concentrate Extract With 120mg MIT

Concentrate with 120mg MIT

Why So Many People Love VIVAZEN®
Pain Relief


May help with relief of occasional minor aches and discomfort.



Gives that extra little boost of energy when you need it most.

Pain Relief


Helps with your resistance to stress.



Helps you focus and provide mental clarity when you're tired.



Helps uplift and enhance your mood.



Enhances immune activity

Ingredients and quality make all the difference.

  • Scientifically evaluated for safety

  • Made in USA in FDA and GCMP compliant facilities

We have developed proprietary blends of botanicals and herbs sourced from remote parts of the world where they’ve served as nature’s healing agents for thousands of years.

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