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Your passport to plant-based well-being.

Feel Good Relief™

Vivazen is the highest quality plant-based supplement brand with a carefully curated proprietary herbal blend that includes botanicals that have been used across the globe for hundreds of years.

Our products are designed to enhance your well-being and can be used at any time of the day to meet your specific needs. Vivazen is the boost of relief and energy you need without the jitters of caffeine and the best form of relaxation without feeling tired. We guarantee Multi-Purpose Feel Good Relief every product, every time.

Vivazen Rewards

Creating a happier, healthier and more peaceful world by reconnecting people with nature and natural medicine.

Vivazen Relief

Brad R.

“I stock up on these to take them to work. After about 3 days of 12-hour shifts, I’ll grab one and drink it after lunch and cruise pain free to the end of the shift awake, alert, aware and efficient!”

Work / Life Balance

Celia S.

“Before a long day of balancing work and family life, I use Vivazen to feel calm and relaxed. I mix the On-the-go Kratom Blend with some water, and it really helps me tackle the day without making me feel sleepy or groggy.”

Vivazen Relaxed Energy

Kratom 101

Kratom, Mitragyna Speciosa, is a tropical deciduous tree within the coffee family that grows throughout Southeast Asia. The leaves have been used for centuries as a food and medicine by the indigenous people of these regions.

How Kratom Works

How Kratom Works

VIVAZEN’s full spectrum extract of kratom is a natural high-quality, standardized extract that contains all of the active compounds in the plant, believed to work synergistically to produce greater therapeutic effects. Once consumed, the kratom interacts with the body’s innate healing abilities to provide a variety of holistic benefits.

Kratom Effects

Kratom Effects

The leaves of the kratom plant contain compounds that can produce a variety of effects when consumed. Some people report feeling a boost in energy and improved focus, while others claim that kratom has a relaxing and calming effect. The effects of kratom can vary greatly depending on the dosage and individual factors such as body weight, metabolism, and tolerance.

Kratom Formats

Kratom Formats

Popular formats for consuming kratom include powder, capsules, and extracts. Extracts are concentrated forms of kratom that are made by boiling down the leaves to create a concentrated liquid extract.

Meet some of the natural herbs in our proprietary blends.



Used for centuries to help with minor aches, relaxed energy and improved moods.


White Willow Bark

The bark of white willow contains salicin, which is similar to aspirin (acetylsalicylic acid).



A traditional remedy for stress, nervousness, and insomnia.



The biblical incense frankincense is an extract from the resin of the tree Boswellia.



Used for centuries by Indigenous peoples for its calming effects.



Celebrated in many Asian cultures for helping with relaxation.


California Poppy

A key component of traditional teas meant to aid in relaxation.