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Concentrate Kratom Extract

Discover the true potential of kratom with VIVAZEN Concentrate Kratom Extract – your go-to solution for amplified potency and fast-acting relief. Whether you seek an extra boost to your well-being or a reliable remedy for your daily kratom needs, VIVAZEN has got you covered!


Helps with relief of minor aches and pain from physical activty.



Gives that extra little boost of energy when you need it most.



Take a calm break from stress.



Helps you focus when you need it most.



Helps uplift and enhance your mood.

Why Choose VIVAZEN Concentrate Kratom Extract?

Superior Potency: Our carefully crafted proprietary formula guarantees an exceptional concentration of kratom’s active compounds, delivering an unparalleled experience of strength and effectiveness.

Fast-Acting Relief: Experience the difference as our potent extract ensures rapid absorption, providing you with the relief you desire when you need it most.

Versatile and Convenient: VIVAZEN Concentrate Kratom Extract adapts seamlessly to your lifestyle. Whether you prefer adding it to your favorite drink or taking it directly, its versatility ensures you can integrate it effortlessly into your daily routine.

Elevate your kratom experience with VIVAZEN Concentrate Kratom Extract and unlock the full potential of this remarkable plant. Say goodbye to mediocrity and embrace the powerful relief that only VIVAZEN can provide.

Don’t settle for anything less – experience enhanced potency and fast-acting relief with VIVAZEN Concentrate Kratom Extract.

VIVAZEN® Proprietary Blend

of eight dietary ingredients

VIVAZEN proprietary herbal blend
  • Ingredients

    VIVAZEN’s liquid kratom shot proprietary blend of natural ingredients:

    • Mitragyna Speciosa Leaf Extract
    • Willow Bark Extract
    • Valerian Root Extract
    • California Poppy Aerial Part Extract
    • Boswellia Serrata Resin Extract
    • Corydalis Yanhusou Rhisome Extract
    • Passion Flower Aerial Part Extract

    Other Ingredients: water, sugar, citric acid, potassium sorbate (preservative), sodium bonzoate (preservative)

  • How To Use

    Each VIVAZEN bottle of concentrate kratom extract contains multiple servings. Every serving contains 20mg of Mitragynine. If you are new to VIVAZEN then we suggest mixing 1 serving with your favorite juice and sipping over 10-15 minutes.

    Do not take on an empty stomach.

    Caution: VIVAZEN is not intended for, nor should it be used, if pregnant, lactating, taking any medications, or by anyone with a liver disorder, heart disease, high blood pressure or any other medical condition, disease or disorder. Do not take on an empty stomach, while operating a motor vehicle or other machinery, keep out of reach of children.

    VIVAZEN contains a blend of herbal extracts. While these herbal extracts have been used safely for centuries, they should never be mixed with alcohol or medications and consuming them may cause nausea.