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  • Is VIVAZEN™ sold in stores?

    Yes, our product is sold in thousands of stores across the United States. We are adding more stores everyday. Check our map of participating retail stores.

  • Can I purchase VIVAZEN™ online?

    Absolutely. In fact purchasing VIVAZEN™ online in bulk is convenient and saves you money. Check out our Shop page and see what type of money you could potentially save by buying kratom online!

  • Is kratom legal in my state?

    kratom regulations map

    Here you will find the list of legality of kratom by state:

    Alabama– kratom is banned

    Alaska– kratom is legal

    Arizona– kratom is legal and has a KCPA (18+)

    Arkansas– kratom is banned

    California– kratom is legal except for the city of San Diego

    Colorado– kratom is legal and has a KCPA (21+). However Denver, Parker Town, and Monument Town prohibit kratom sales

    Connecticut– kratom is legal

    Delaware– kratom is legal

    Florida– kratom is legal and has a KCPA (21+). However, it is banned in Sarasota County.

    Georgia– kratom is legal and has a KCPA (18+)

    Hawaii– kratom is legal

    Idaho– kratom is legal

    Illinois– kratom is legal (18+) except for Jerseyville, Alton, and Edwardsville

    Indiana– kratom is banned

    Iowa– kratom is legal

    Kansas– kratom is legal

    Kentucky– kratom is legal

    Louisiana– kratom is legal

    Maine– kratom is legal

    Maryland– kratom is legal

    Massachusetts– kratom is legal

    Michigan– kratom is legal

    Minnesota– kratom is legal (18+)

    Mississippi– kratom is legal at the state level. It is illegal and banned in 33 counties and towns:

    Mississippi towns where kratom is not legal:


    Blue Mountain














    New Albany









    Mississippi counties where kratom is not legal:











    Missouri– kratom is legal

    Nebraska– kratom is legal

    Nevada– kratom is legal and has a KCPA (18+)

    New Hampshire– kratom is legal (18+) expect for Franklin

    New Jersey– kratom is legal

    New Mexico– kratom is legal

    New York– kratom is legal

    North Carolina– kratom is legal (18+)

    North Dakota– kratom is legal

    Ohio– kratom is legal

    Oklahoma– kratom is legal and has a KCPA (18+)

    Oregon– kratom is legal and has a KCPA (21+)

    Pennsylvania– kratom is legal

    Rhode Island– kratom is banned

    South Carolina– kratom is legal (21+)

    South Dakota– kratom is legal (21+)

    Tennessee– kratom in plain leaf form is legal for those over 21 years. It is illegal in all other forms

    Texas – kratom is legal

    Utah– kratom is legal and has a KCPA (18+)

    Vermont– kratom is banned

    Virginia– kratom is legal and has a KCPA (21+)

    Washington– kratom is legal

    West Virginia– kratom is legal and has a KCPA (21+)

    Wisconsin– kratom is banned

    Wyoming– kratom is legal

    Washington D.C. – kratom is legal

  • Why are there no shipping options available for my state?

    While we would like to be able to ship to all States in the USA, at this time it is not possible.

    While our product is 100% legal federally there are some states and areas that prohibit some of the ingredients. Currently we are unable to ship to: Alabama, Arkansas, Tennessee, Wisconsin, Indiana, Rhode Island, and Vermont. As well we cannot ship to Union County, MI, Sarasota County, FL and Denver and San Diego.

    We are always monitoring the regulations and will update shipping options as soon as possible.

  • Can I sell VIVAZEN™ in my store?

    Yes, we would love to have you sell VIVAZEN™ in your store. Contact our Sales Team by completing this form.

  • What is VIVAZEN™ plant based pain relief?

    VIVAZEN™ plant based pain relief is a proprietary blend of herbs and natural ingredients that make up our unique, effective and fast acting formula.

    Using our proprietary extraction process, and Active Plus Extracts, the VIVAZEN™ formula offers maximum bio-availability that creates a powerful experience, unmatched by any competitors.

  • Are there any health care concerns that I should be aware of while using VIVAZEN™?

    A key active ingredient in VIVAZEN™ is Kratom and we recommend a starting dose of 20 mg for new customers which is considered 1 serving. Please review the warning label on the package prior to use.

    Nevertheless, if you believe you have had an adverse reaction to any product you are using, please contact your healthcare provider immediately.

  • How much kratom is in VIVAZEN™?

    Each VIVAZEN™ product has a varying amount of Kratom that is clearly labeled on the package. Please review the warning label on the package for dosing information prior to use. ( then we should list out how many mgs each product has- Authentic Original 40 mg etc)

  • What is the recommended serving size?

    One serving size for VIVAZEN™ is 20 mg which is identified on the bottle. The recommended starting dose for new consumers is 20mg. Please review the warning label on the package for dosing information prior to use

    To read on how you can mix VIVAZEN™ make a great tasting beverage!

  • How long does it take to get my order?

    All orders are processed within 1 business day of being received. Please allow an additional 3-5 business days for your order to arrive to you.

    Expedited orders arrive in 2-4 business days.

    Tracking information is emailed to you once the package has left our warehouse.

  • Do you ship internationally?

    Due to federal and state laws, we are only able to ship within the USA at this time.

  • What is your return policy?

    Our complete return / exchange and refund policy can be found here.

  • If I have to give a urine sample, what will the results of that sample be if I’ve ingested VIVAZEN™?

    VIVAZEN® is legal in 44 states and therefore its presence in a urine sample should be irrelevant. Frankly, most drug tests are not designed to detect any ingredient contained in VIVAZEN®

    Go to Our Story to view a list of all ingredients that make up the VIVAZEN™ formula.

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