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Calm Energy is where we find our best moods. It is when our attention is focused and we are most productive. It is where we feel good about life.

  • An herbal alternative to energy drinks.
  • No caffeine. No crash. No jitters.
  • Helps with relief of minor aches and PAIN, resistance to STRESS and ENERGY.

Enjoy 3 bottles for only $9.99. That is 45% off.

* For new customers only. Limited time offer.



VIVAZEN gives you an energy boost and keeps you focused and relaxed.

VIVAZEN is totally awesome! A great tasting energy shot with natural ingredients. I would highly recommend to those looking for a quick pick me up without the crash 🤟

I really enjoyed the taste of VIVAZEN! It relieved my back pain & kept my energy going till bedtime.

VIVAZEN® can be found in over 10,000 stores across the USA

Herbal Supplement

Why So Many People Love VIVAZEN®
Fast Acting

Fast Acting*

Try it, feel it working really fast.



Helps provide that extra little boost of calm energy when you need it most.

Pain Relief


Helps with relief of occasional minor aches and pain.



Helps you focus and provide mental clarity when you're tired.



Helps uplift and enhance your mood.

Quality Promise

Quality Promise*

Herbs sourced directly from around the world and specially grown in top quality and responsibly sourced farms for VIVAZEN®.

Enjoy 3 bottles for only $9.99. That is 45% off.

* For new customers only. Limited time offer.

What is Calm Energy?

Pioneered by mood researcher and psychology professor Robert Thayer, ‘Calm Energy’ is the intersection between our energy levels and our mental state.

In his book by the same name, Thayer postulates that our moods and unhealthy habits (dietary and otherwise) have two bio-psychological dimensions in common: energy and tension. These dimensions exist on a spectrum that ranges from calmness to tension, and tiredness to energy.

Where these two dimensions intersect creates four quadrants: Tense Energy, Tense Tired, Calm Tiredness, and Calm Energy. At any moment in time, we all exist somewhere within one of these four quadrants.

Calm Energy Quadrants

As you likely guessed, Calm Energy is the ideal quadrant to be in. Here, we are in our best moods and in a mental state known as ‘being in the zone.’ This space of focused attention, or ‘flow state,’ is where we are the most content and productive.

It goes without saying—we should all strive to maximize our time with Calm Energy. Unfortunately, modern life works against this goal. Mounting pressure to perform at home and work, minimal amounts of physical activity, the tumultuous state of the world, and even overexposure to technology leaves many of us in a chronically stressed-out state.

That’s where VIVAZEN® comes in. This healthy alternative to energy drinks contains a proprietary blend of natural ingredients sourced from around the world. Individually, these compounds have been used as healing agents for thousands of years. Together, they give your body what it needs to enter a state of tranquil focus.

Each bottle of VIVAZEN® gives you relief of minor aches and pains and a quick energy boost without the dreaded crash that comes with other stimulants. Instead, you’ll enter a state of relaxed focus. It’s a natural way to put yourself in Calm Energy for more time spent as the best version of yourself.

Enjoy 3 bottles for only $9.99. That is 45% off.

* For new customers only. Limited time offer.

VIVAZEN Quality Ingredients

An herbal alternative to energy drinks.

  • Scientifically evaluated for safety

  • Made in USA in FDA and GCMP compliant facilities

We have developed proprietary blends of botanicals and herbs sourced from remote parts of the world where they’ve served as nature’s healing agents for thousands of years.

Enjoy 3 bottles for only $9.99. That is 45% off.

* For new customers only. Limited time offer.

VIVAZEN’s proprietary blend of natural ingredients:

  • Mitragyna Speciosa Leaf Extract
  • Willow Bark Extract
  • Yohimbe Bark Extract
  • Valerian Root Extract
  • California Poppy Aerial Part Extract
  • Boswellia Serrata Resin Extract
  • Corydalis Yanhusou Rhisome Extract
  • Passion Flower Aerial Part Extract
  • Vitamin C as Ascorbic Acid
  • Panax Ginseng Root Extract 

Other Ingredients: water, sugar, propylene gycol, citric acid, potassium sorbate (preservative), sodium benzoate (preservative)

VIVAZEN Authentic Original

Serving Size: 28ml

Servings Per Container: 2

Calories per serving: 45 calories

  • Total Fat: 0g / 0% DV
  • Total Carbohydrate: 11g / 4% DV
    • Total Sugars 10g / 2% Daily Value
  • Vitamin C (as Ascorbic Acid 35mg / 39% DV
  • Panax Ginseng: 200mg / DV not established

* Percent Daily Value (DV) are based on a 2000 calorie diet

Each bottle of VIVAZEN Authentic Original contains 2 servings. If you are new to VIVAZEN then we suggest mixing 1/2 the bottle of Authentic Original with your favorite juice and sipping over 10-15 minutes.

Do not take on an empty stomach.

Caution: VIVAZEN is not intended for, nor should it be used, if pregnant, lactating, taking any medications, or by anyone with a liver disorder, heart disease, high blood pressure or any other medical condition, disease or disorder. Do not take on an empty stomach, while operating a motor vehicle or other machinery, keep out of reach of children.

VIVAZEN contains a blend of herbal extracts. While herbal extracts have been used for centuries they should never be mixed with alcohol or medications and consuming them may cause nausea.