Concentrates: Our Most Powerful Products

Vivazen®’s Kratom Concentrates offer the best multi-serve experience for our customers to mix with their favorite drinks or even food. While shots are typically pre-mixed and considered ready to drink, concentrates are best when mixed.

With significantly less sugar content than our shots, our concentrates are made using a different extraction process which allows for, pardon the redundance, more concentration into a smaller amount of liquid.

Despite not being full-spectrum Kratom because of this extraction process, consumers reportedly experience the same great benefits of mood enhancement, improved focus, and relief from minor aches and pains associated with physical activity in the same approximate 20-minute time frame.

Why Vivazen® Offers the Best Concentrates on the Market

Industry Leading Extraction Process

At Vivazen® we take great pride in the high-quality scientific processes we’ve created and follow in the creation of our holistic products. As a result, our concentrates will never have unintended byproducts of the extraction process such as alcohol content, etc. Consumers can always count on the same effects every bottle, every time – no matter what batch the product came from.

Vivazen®’s Proprietary Herbal Blend

All of our concentrates are made with Vivazen®’s proprietary blend of 8 herbs and botanicals, including Kratom. (show our herbal blend). A product of years of dedicated scientific research, our herbal blend maximizes the astounding benefits offered by the Kratom leaves, surpassing the experience that Kratom alone can deliver.

Quality and Consistency

As with all Vivazen® products, our production process for concentrates uses only the highest quality ingredients. They are produced in facilities that follow USDA Good Manufacturing Processes and will always have consistent MIT content per bottle. This sets us apart from others in the industry and allows us to deliver the same amazing consumer experience – every bottle, every time.

Who Should Take Vivazen Concentrates?

Vivazen concentrates are suited for a variety of users, from those new to Kratom to seasoned enthusiasts seeking a more potent and customizable experience.

For the Experienced: Our “C80” concentrate offers four servings, each containing 20mg of MIT. It’s perfect for those who are already familiar with Kratom and looking for a reliable, potent product.

For Those Seeking Maximum Strength: Our ULTIMATE concentrate is rapidly becoming a favorite among consumers for its high MIT content—130mg per bottle, equivalent to about six servings. This makes it ideal for consumers who desire the intensity of multiple shots in a single, convenient format.

In summary, Vivazen Kratom concentrates are designed for anyone looking for a customizable Kratom experience that combines quality, efficiency, and consistency. Whether mixed into a morning smoothie or a post-workout shake, these concentrates provide an easy and effective way to enjoy the myriad benefits of Kratom, such as mood enhancement, increased focus, and relief from minor aches and pains caused by physical activity. Suitable for both new and experienced users, Vivazen concentrates are a versatile addition to any wellness routine.