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Sublimated Black T-Shirt

Vivazen T-Shirt Sublimated Black Back

Sublimated Black T-Shirt

Warning: Wearing this shirt may cause spontaneous high-fives from other Vivazen supporters. Handle with swag.

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Earn up to 8 points.

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Take your feel-good vibes to the next level with our Sublimated Black T-Shirt. Featuring the bold VIVAZEN logo and wing designs on the front and back, this shirt is made from 100% polyester to keep you cool and comfortable. Perfect for any occasion, this shirt embodies the spirit of Vivazen – always ready to uplift and energize you.

  • 140gsm flat polyester

Sublimated Black T-Shirt


More Than Kratom

After years of dedicated scientific research, VIVAZEN has discovered a precise proprietary blend that maximizes the astounding benefits offered by the kratom leaves of the kratom plant of Southeast Asia. By harnessing the power of this exact formula, VIVAZEN unlocks a heightened level of the effects of kratom, surpassing what kratom alone can deliver. Both scientifically evaluated for safety and bottled in the USA in GMP compliant facilities, you can be assured you are getting the highest quality ingredients possible!

VIVAZEN 100% Money Back Guarantee Scientifically Evaluated For Safety VIVAZEN GMP Certified Facilities VIVAZEN Plant Based Relief VIVAZEN Gluten Free