Sadly, there are many fake Vivazen Kratom shots in the market. While we do our best to shut them down, it is a little bit like the game “Whack-A-Mole” – for every fake product/company we get shut down, two more pop up.

While we fight the good fight, the best way to ensure that you are getting  authentic high quality Vivazen is to know the label on bottle.

The most up-to-date label of Vivazen Kratom is shown below. However, some of the previous labels are still on market – so do not assume if your bottle does not match the bottle to the right.

If the label on your bottle looks like the ones below – you can be sure that you have a real authentic Vivazen liquid Kratom shot.

The two main differences between the current label and the previous label, are the following:

1. Yellow “Fast Acting” in the upper left, above the VIVAZEN logo vs Red “Fast Acting”.

2. “with KRATOM” in a green bar, below the Vivazen Logo / Kratom. vs Kratom only in a green bar.

If you have have a question about the authenticity of your VIVAZEN product, please drop us an email, Message us on Facebook, Tweet us on Twitter or DM us on Instagram.

Kratom Shots

Look for these bottle designs!